Keys to the Kingdom (previously Hackney Marsh)
Matthew Hopper | Director / Producer - Matthew is a London based filmmaker with experience directing and producing various forms of online content and narrative films.
Matthew, Hopper, Director, Producer, Filmmaker, Films, Writer, video, commercials, promos, vimeo,
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Keys to the Kingdom (previously Hackney Marsh)

Feature film in development with Film London’s Microwave scheme.

Mood reel video password available on request.


Directed by Ryan Vernava

Written by Joe Copplestone

Produced by Matthew Hopper


With the keys to other peoples lives, a young and naive estate agent begins to abuse his power with hellish consequences.



A young and naive estate agent new to London finds himself suddenly in possession of the keys to properties throughout the city. With this new found power in hand, Farren succumbs to greed and temptation as he begins to abuse the rules of his profession in the pursuit of self-promotion. When his transgressions start to bubble to the surface he frantically tries to cover his tracks but once crossed there are some lines that cannot be uncrossed. As the walls close in and his world unravels Farren’s choices soon find him spiralling into a hell of his own design.






Feature Film, Narrative